The Safal Group of Companies is one of the most trusted names in the Real Estate industry.


The Safal Group owes its origin to Shri Vinod G Asrani, a born visionary, who carved a success story, waiting to take shape in the Real Estate domain, in 1994 itself. With a legacy of rich tradition that spans over 2 decades, Safal Group has marched ahead with the zeal of a leader. Ever since it was created, human values have been its foundation.

Today, Safal stands as an epitome of quality having already completed 2900+ houses across Mumbai & Navi Mumbai and now aiming to reach the sky, the group plans to build a future where everybody can fulfill their dream to own a house.

What makes a great home is a great neighbourhood; a philosophy that has been the foundation of every project, we at Safal Group have built in this vibrant location of Chembur.

We believe in clean legal documentation we have our projects approved by leading financial institutions, since financing today is one of the prime factor, which assists the customer to fulfill his dreams home.

We believe in putting expertise both global as well as local to use, we know that the cost is forgotten quickly and the quality is remembered for long. In continuation of our aim every new project excels the previous one in design and details.

It’s our commitment to bring you the very best that brings the best out of us.

In the process we’ve won many hearts and ushered a lifetime of happiness into the lives of those who’ve chosen a Safal residence and in the process enriched neighbourhoods.



29 Years and Counting

Starting with a small set of apartment buildings, we have grown to residential and commercial high rises in our cities downtown.

State of the Art Designs

Our team of architects and designers have created award winning designs. We will work with you to develop the distinctive look you envision. Make sure to check out our completed projects.

MVA Charitable Trusts

A portion of our annual earnings is invested to non-profits to help make a difference in our community.



Safal Group stands for Quality. From Design to Development to Delivery… anything & everything has to be of the highest possible standards, at all times. Everyone associated with the Safal Group breathes the value of the highest standards of quality


At Safal Group, our customers is our family. Every day at Safal Group, people work efficiently towards customer delight by displaying a high level of reliability & integrity on every project.


At Safal Group, we practice total transparency while conducting any transaction with our customers. The entire team at Safal Group has imbibed the quality of integrity & strive hard to complete each project on time.


Hard Work & Smart Work together only can help us achieve the pinnacle of success.

An uncompromising approach towards delivering the products with the highest standards of quality & precision.

A dedicated focus on creating world-class real estate projects, while ensuring that our principle to deliver with superior quality, within budget, on time, with sufficient safety measures in place and high standards of cleanliness never gets ignored.


To be, the most trusted and highly respected Real Estate Company which brings about a revolution in the current real estate market, by changing the perception of people towards quality, by pioneering innovative projects and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

The Safal Group propose to create more than 20,000 houses in the coming decade.


Late Shri. Vinod G Asrani

This very saying was the core principle of late Shri. Vinod G. Asrani, who with a heart of gold conceived THE SAFAL GROUP on the 18th of September, 1994. A thorough gentleman & a kind hearted humanitarian, Shri Vinod Asrani propelled the growth of The Safal Group in the real estate segment with the mantra “Give your customers a space to live their dream”.

This humanitarian quality of his won him many hearts in his entire life and till now he is known as a man who had the vision to give everyone a home where one could live a life they always dreamt off. He was that captain, who would not desert his ship in rough weather, rather will sail his ship through it & emerge a true leader. He continues to be a virtual lighthouse.


Smt. Manju Vinod Asrani

A leader is one who takes everybody together & marches towards excellence.

Smt. Manju Asrani along with Shri Vinod Asrani embarked on the journey of The Safal Group. A pillar of the family & a business partner, she handled behind the scene operations of The Safal Group. With her intelligence she supported the young blood to come into the team and also took major decisions for the company’s benefit.


Shri. Sanjay Vinod Asrani

The eldest son of Shri. Vinod G Asrani, Sanjay Asrani has taken guard at The Safal Group. With leadership qualities in his DNA, Sanjay Asrani is an icon of principles, endurance & success.

He embodies the rich heritage of The Safal Group and has taken the responsibility to project the company at global horizons. He can foresee opportunities in the dark and has the courage to take the un-trodden path & the power to carve a success story for The Safal Group.

He believes…..Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action lead by example.


Shri. Varun Vinod Asrani

Shri. Varun Asrani believes in the saying “ Actions speak louder than words “ , signifies the quality of precision with swiftness. The youngest son of Shri Vinod Asrani, Varun has taken charge of Safal Group and its diversified businesses across various domains.

He has in him tremendous management skills which enable him to take apt decisions during every stage of company’s development.

A proper blend of youth & experience with a “never say no” attitude sets Varun Asrani as an ideal inspiration within The Safal Group and for business associates especially entrepreneurs. A true leader in every sense Shri Varun promises to create assets which will for sure raise the groups standards at global levels.